About Us

CJ's Car Wash features four self serve bays, two LazerWash bays, vacuums, fragrance machines, vending, and complete auto detailing service...

We also feature:

* Touchless Automatic Vehicle Wash Equipment
* Southern Pride Self Serve Equipment
* Blue Coral Wash Solutions
* Open 24 Hours for Your Convenience
* Always clean and well lit
* Daytime attendant to assist you
* Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're located at 535 W. Alto Road in Kokomo, IN

CJ's No Touch Car LaserWash Advantages

* Touchless - Nothing touches your vehicle - just water and solutions
* Computer-controlled measuring system
* Get a consistant high quality wash, regardless of your vehicle size
* Crew Cab Duallys - No Problem
* Hot Water
* Soft Water
* Highest Quality Blue Coral Solutions
* High Pressure Under Carriage and Wheel Cleaner
* Spot Free Rinse
* High Speed Blowers to facilitate drying
* Mastercard & Visa accepted

CJ's Car Wash ProTouch Advantages

* Thorough clean with use of High Pressure Spray and Foam Brushes
* Computer controlled measuring system
* Tire and Wheel Scrubbers
* Hot Water
* Soft Water
* High Quality Cleaning Solutions (Change this on Laser Wash as Well)
* High pressure under carriage and wheel cleaner
* Spot free rinse
* High speed blowers to facilitate drying
* Mastercard and Visa accepted

Self Serve Equipment

* Southern Pride Turbo Spray
* Hot Water
* Soft Water
* Spot Free Rinse
* Foam Brush
* Highest Quality Blue Coral Solutions
* Southern Pride Vac-U-Tron Vacuums
* Fragrance Machines
* Vending Machines with High Quality Car Care Products
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